Can You Really Capture the Beauty of Nature?

This week we were on the observation deck of the Space Needle in Seattle with many other tourists and locals, taking in a wonderful sunset.

A gentleman by the name of Niraj saw me focusing intently on taking photos of the wonderful reds and oranges of the sunset contrasting with the dark blues of Puget Sound.  He asked if he could see my what I had captured so I showed him what I had.  I explained that not only is the LCD screen on the camera very small, but even the best cameras cannot capture the full range of light and colors that the human eye can.

It made me think about stopping a moment and enjoying the beauty in front of me and not being so singularly focused on trying to capture it with my camera.

Thanks Niraj for making me take a moment and just looking.  ~

Backup or Else!

I thought that I would start out by thanking you for ‘dropping by’ to view my images. Now I am going to lecture you!

One of the most common issues many of my friends and others have with their electronic images and other files is that they do not have them securely and thoughtfully backed up. I know people who have all their digital images for the last 5 or more years saved in one location – the hard drive on their computer!

The failure of that hard drive, the theft of their computer, the destruction of their home – all will lead to the loss of many, many memories contained in their photographs as well as other records contained in their e-mails or word processing files and spreadsheets.

What do I suggest?  I am a bit of a belt and suspenders type of guy when it comes to computer backups. Not only do I have multiple hard drives on my computers with software that automatically backs my important files from one drive to another, I also use an automatic on-line back-up service. Anytime my computer is on and connected to the internet, a software program scans the locations on my hard drives that I want backed up and it compresses those files and uploads them to a secure server.

I have peace of mind and in those instances when I need to access a file and I am not at home, I simply log on to that secure website, identify the file I need and in the matter of minutes I will get a confirmation e-mail with directions on how to download that one file. On a greater scale, should I lose my computer with all my drives and files, the company will download my files to a drive and mail it to me overnight, for a fee that includes not only the downloading but the cost of the new drive. Isn’t that peace of mind?  When you’ve got over 58,000 photos archived, I tell you it is for me.

I use the services of a company called BackBlaze –  I like their services, the unlimited size of the backup and their pricing.  Another well-known company is Carbonite –

In parting, thanks for checking out my images and for letting me ‘lecture’ you. I promise future postings will be less like listening to your fourth grade teacher!


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