Photo Restoration

I obviously enjoy the art of photography. Not just my own original work, but the cherished old photos that not only tell the story of our lives and our families, but the story of our culture and nation, as well. To that end, I have spent more than 10 years helping families and organizations with the restoration of their prized photographs.

One of my major, long-term projects has been the scanning, digital restoration, archival printing, and cataloging of over 500 photographs from the extensive collection belonging to Pawnee City (NE) Historical Society and Museum. This valuable and important historic collection dates back to the 1800s. I also volunteered my services in restoring photos damaged in Hurricane Katrina, an experience that brought home the fact that our photos are often some of our most cherished possessions.

As a member of the internationally respected and acclaimed National Association of Photoshop Professionals, I am dedicated to building on my existing skills and staying on top of advancements in hardware and software, and applying the new techniques they make possible to all of my projects.

The Before and After shown here is an excellent example of why you should talk with a professional first.

So, don’t toss old photos you think might be beyond help—chances are they can be restored. Contact me to discuss how your valued old photos can be digitally restored.

Michael McIntier

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Before and After used with permission of the PCHS&M